Local Taxi Service in Peterborough: Travel With Us

If you are looking for the most reliable local taxi service in the area, then Adam’s has stood the test of time. We proudly offer affordable, efficient rides to get you wherever you’re going. We promise:

Efficient & fast service ✓
Affordable prices ✓
Extensive local knowledge ✓
Fully screened drivers ✓

Whether for a single person, or groups of up to eight, we can offer taxis around Peterborough that put your convenience first.

About Adam’s: Choosing Us

Established in 1958, Adam’s Taxis is Peterborough’s oldest firm–and over the decades we have built up a reputation for trust, reliability, and local knowledge. Among taxi companies in Peterborough, we are unrivalled in the years of service we have provided–and the number of smooth, quick, enjoyable journeys. Our drivers are not just about an efficient ride–it’s about a courteous, professional experience, too.

Our Local Taxis: Quality & Affordable

With more options than ever before when it comes to taxis in Peterborough, Adam’s still stands out as the best choice. How do we achieve this? 

Drivers: Trained & Screened

Our drivers are carefully and rigorously checked when they start driving for us, as well as undergo continuous professional development.

Fixed Pricing

By fixing our prices, we help you avoid the extortionate “surge” prices that you may get with other companies when demand is high. Whether it’s rush hour or the middle of the night, a taxi to Peterborough station will cost the same.

Get in Touch

We make booking our taxis in Peterborough as easy as the journey. You can use our online booking system to choose a vehicle and destination or give us a call. Whether for business or individual use, or local taxi service provides the complete package in convenience.

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